Large screen Twitter feeds made cheap & easy with Big Tweets and Google Chromecast

Big Tweets transforms Twitter from a single-user experience to one that can be shared with groups of any size, creating new ways to engage people socially and professionally. Using Google Chromecast and a simple app on your phone or tablet, you can now cast a stream of Tweets to any TV or screen. The result is a moving, engaging display of live Tweets appropriate for energizing groups, sharing live events, or displaying any kind of message.

How It Works

Big Tweets

This one-time step authorizes Big Tweets for read-only access to your Twitter account.

Pick a Chromecast

Select a Chromecast, just like any other Google Cast enabled app.

Pick Tweets

Pick the Tweets you'd like to display: your own timeline, just your Tweets, a certain hashtag, or any Twitter search.


Press Play and the latest Tweets start appearing on your TV or monitor. Now that your Tweets are playing, go explore the themes and other settings.


Stunning visualizations

Big Tweets comes with three beautiful way to show your Tweets. Cards shows one Tweet at a time in the classic Twitter format. Fountain shows a scrolling list of the most recent Tweets. Letters shows one Tweet at a time with moving and rearranging letters.

Show any Tweets

Choose to cast your timeline, just your Tweets, Tweets using a certain #hashtag, Tweets from another user, or Tweets from any Twitter search. Tweets are shown in order and cycle back if necessary for a continuous moving display.

Customizable themes

A theme puts together a visualization, a background image, text color and other display settings. Big Tweets comes with several standard themes which you can customize and save.

Pictures & videos

Big Tweets shows more than just the text of a Tweet. Pictures and video attached to the Tweets plus Instagram, Vine and YouTube links are all displayed for a fascinating and informative Twitter viewing experience with no clicking!

Saved Feeds

The Tweets, the theme and other settings all make up a Feed. Feeds can be saved, giving you one touch access to your favorite Big Tweets experience.


All themes, visualizations, backgrounds and Tweet options are available free. The free version is limited in only two ways. First, you can only display Tweets for four hours a day, plenty of time for a party or event. Second, the free version will only check for new Tweets every 5 minutes, also not a problem for many uses.



Got an extra monitor and a Chromecast? Let your Twitter timeline run forever. Keep up to date with your friends and family with just one glance. Every Tweet, every picture and every video, presented as it happens.

Parties & Events

Pick a hashtag and let your friends see their own Tweets on the big screen. Super Bowl party? Oscars party? New Years party? Watch reactions and pictures roll in live as the event happens. We got to watch Ellen crash Twitter during the Oscars this year, did you?

Small business

Have a TV at your business showing the news, or the same few pictures over and over? Add a Chromecast and use Big Tweets to turn it into a dynamic marketing tool. Tweet or Retweet whatever you want your customers to see and know.


Use one of the room's screens to show your attendee's Tweets live during any presentation.

Branding & Marketing

Live information displays are costly and difficult to manage. Not so with Big Tweets. Use the worldwide Twitter infrastructure to get your message out to any location. Show booths, special events, and meetings are all great places to deploy Big Tweets and further your brand or message.

You tell us!

We know there are many additional uses for Big Tweets in education, in government, in business, and in the home. Send us yours!

Anyone using Big Tweets in a public setting should review our Public Use Guidelines.


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Casting Unlimited Unlimited
Check for new Tweets Every 5 minutes Continuously1
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New customers get a free 7 day subscription to Big Tweets Plus.

Larger organizations that need multiple account subscriptions, or to drive multiple Chromecasts from a single Twitter account should contact us directly.


  • Q. What are the requirements for using Big Tweets?

    To use Big Tweets you need a Google Chromecast, a phone or tablet running Android 4.0 or later, and a Twitter account

  • Q. When will iOS be supported?

    iPhone and iPad support are coming as soon as we can get there, promise!

  • Q. How much does it cost?

    Big Tweets is free with a few limitations. See the Pricing for details.

  • Q. Can I use it in my business?

    Yes! Big Tweets has many great business uses.

  • Q. Why don't the Tweets have more exciting animations, shadows, etc?

    The Chromecast is a very constrained device with no graphics hardware acceleration (not counting video). Big Tweet's current animations are all it can handle without severely compromising frame rates.

  • Q. How can I pick any color, not just one from the palette provided?

    Just press the final color square, as shown below. You'll get another dialog that lets you pick any color.

  • Q. Are there any security issues with Big Tweets?

    App security
    The primary security concern is the Twitter access token for your account. Big Tweets keeps this token only on it's servers. It never exists, even in memory, even during the authorization process, on the Android device or the Chromecast. In addition, Big Tweets only requests read-only access, so even in the unlikely case that someone gets your token, about the worst they could do is see who you follow. They would NOT be able to Tweet as you, read your direct messages, change your account, etc.

    Chromecast security
    See our Public Use Guidelines.

  • Q. Why is there nothing in the notification bar like other Chromecast apps?

    Google's Chromecast design guidelines suggest controls in the notification area, and the lock screen. After playing with this, we decided to forego these features to avoid taking up precious space in the user's notification area. We believe the long running, and hands off nature of Big Tweets makes this decision justified, but would be glad to hear from users on the matter.

Public Use Guidelines

There are a few things to consider when using Big Tweets in any public setting.

Chromecast takeover

Google Chromecast has no built-in security. If you put a Chromecast on a public WiFi network, eventually someone will decide they'd rather watch House of Cards or Game of Thrones instead of Tweets. To prevent this, the Chromecast should always be on a private WiFi network that only you, your employees, etc. have access to.

Inappropriate Tweets

The chances for innapropriate Tweets, including pornographic images, depend completely on what Tweets you choose to cast.

General hashtag

If you choose any well known hashtag, for example #chicagobears, #justinbeeber, #fun, #news, etc. someone will eventually Tweet something inappropriate to it. This is not recommened unless the people watching are prepared for or expecting such Tweets.

Specific hashtag

If you have a specific event or business you might choose a very specific hashtag, like #johnjanewedding2014, #joesbar364, #javaonesession234, etc. showing just those Tweets on a big screen. This allows people at the event or location to Tweet and see their Tweets immediately. Care should be taken even here however. Everyone who follows the people who Tweet will see the hashtag, and may be tempted to Tweet something inappropriate. Again, it's completely specific to your use and audience.


The best way to take complete control of what Tweets appear is to show Just your Tweets. You can then Tweet or Retweets exactly what you want people to see without any chance of an offensive Tweet appearing. For example, you could use your phone to watch Tweets to #johnjaneswedding2014, but only Retweet the ones you feel are appropriate for Grandpa to see.

Organizations might consider creating a new Twitter account specifically for this purpose instead of using a personal account, or the organization's general Twitter account.

Branding and Marketing

In this situation you are likely casting very specific Tweets, like those from your organizations general Twitter account, so inappropriate Tweets are not an issue.